belt deburrer machines with two independent motors

For belt dimension from 2500 mm to 3500 mm

Designed for industrial use, it is used for grinding and deburring operations on material. Its main feature is the presence of two completely independent motors: the total autonomy of the two workstations and the choice of operating speed offer great flexibility in its use.


main features:

  • Robust structure, to ensure maximum stability and the absence of vibrations
  • Two independent motors with 3.73 kW + 3.73 kW power to work in continuous operation with maximum friction pressure 24 hours a day without any maintenance problems
  • Adjustable rotation speed for each spindle 1400/2800 rpm or 800/3000 rpm, depending on the model chosen
  • Mechanical components manufactured and machined in-house to guarantee Stefani's Made in Italy quality
  • Fully rectified and dynamically balanced spindle shafts
  • Mechanical belt tensioning arm for belt length 2500/3000/3500 mm depending on the model chosen
  • Safety guards made of high-strength sheet steel, equipped with suction ports
  • Two independent control panels with start/stop/emergency buttons and speed selector (for the 1400/2800 rpm model) or multi-turn potentiometer for adjusting rotation speed with digital display (for the 800/3000 rpm model)
  • Anti-reset function, 24-Volt electrical equipment and thermal magnetic protection
  • Support base in high version for working while standing or low version for working while sitting
  • Compliant with EC standards.


  • Exhauster
  • Rubber wheels

on request:

  • Pneumatic belt tensioning arms

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