x6000 fixed-column pendulum deburring machine

The fixed-column pendulum deburring machine X6000 represents the maximum versatility in machining thanks to the rotation of the ingot with position control and the rotation of the grinding wheel head, useful for machining the abrasive wheel both longitudinally and transversely to the ingot.

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main features:

  • X6000 has an automatic cycle that performs deburring operations for a maximum length and width established by the operator. X6000 performs linear deburring operations according to the shape of the piece (with gentle shape changes such as rounds, not on 90° shoulders). At the end of the operation, the machine moves by a preset incremental distance and repeats the deburring operation. This series of operations are repeated until reaching the maximum stroke point set by the operator. At this point, the machine reverses the direction of deburring and returns, repeating the cycle, to the initial starting point. At the end of the machining, the cycle is interrupted by the operator and the grinding wheel is detached from the workpiece.
  • The operation is executable on both axes of movement (longitudinal and transverse). The speed of the ingot carriage is adjustable by the operator.


Grinding wheel head group:

  • Wheel size (Ø x thickness x hole) > mm 600x60x127
  • Grinding wheel peripheral speed > m/second 60

Workable pieces size:

  • Minimum diameter > mm 400
  • Maximum diameter > mm 1.100
  • Maximum length > mm 6.000


  • Maximum weight of ingot > Kg. 40.000

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