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The surface finishing sector, in the field of foundries and steel mills, presents many problems: the complexity of the workpiece, the process of removing excess material (sprues, casting and evacuation channels, joint burrs) and blank grinding, the processing time required and the safety of operators, all represent obstacles to companies' competitiveness.

Our technical staff, with their extensive experience and knowledge of the various problems in the industry, provides basic support in determining the most suitable and functional deburring system for the customer's needs. Taking care of individual needs, we design and build customised machines and systems (deburring machines, automatic, semi-automatic and manual grinding machines, pendulum and portal deburring machines, etc.) capable of solving the problems of grinding round, square, flat and multi-sided ingots even with high weights and dimensions.

Particular attention is also paid to the ease of use of these systems: it is essential that the operator interacts with his "work tool" with extreme ease and is able to carry out the processing through simple and fast steps.

Our special and accurate construction techniques ensure that our systems are reliable and long-lasting.

A single reference partner to solve your grinding problems.

Given the special and unique nature of this type of system, we will be happy to meet your needs.

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